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web site designThe aim of the site is to help small and middle-size businessmen plan their Web site design. Here, we do not address designers, we do not offer design techniques, we do not teach how to design: we address the Web design service customer, we teach him how to take better advantage of this service or how to take the most of their Web site. When you are done reading this site you will have a much clearer idea about what it means to hire a designer to create your own Web site. The design job requires your active participation, your interest and attention. In fact, the design work is team work, a team made by designer and customer.

Web design is essential when creating a corporate Web page. It is true that a person having little knowledge can embark upon creating a personal Web site. However, when it comes to a company, there is no other choice but hiring a professional. This is because the corporate site is one of the most important elements as regards a company image and if the site is poor, your company will be severely harmed.

What can this site offer you to improve your site design? We are going to show you basic rules for on line design and marketing, so that you are aware of current trends, production methods and a standard Web site structure and type. Besides, we will invite you to think about some of the topics that you would rather know in advance before meeting with the designer. Of course, this site cannot replace a designer work at all; it is just a complement, a help for you and, probably, for him since he will not need to spend time explaining the matters shown here. Somehow, this is a preparative site for the work, the most important topics will be dealt with, so that your are informed enough to establish a fluent relationship with the designer that will not be hindered by the constant need of explanations.

The best way to carry out an appropriate design work is to be informed about basic matters you will need to decide on. The designer will ask you to choose between one thing or another and, if you already know the matter, you will be able to quickly and appropriately make a decision about it. In this way, you will spare the time waste and the need to choose based only on personal preferences. For this to work, we show you the basic matters we mentioned. For this, we have divided this site into different thematic sections. Our advice is that you read them following the order proposed although they can also be read separately since they were created to make both choices possible.

So, the site is organized in the following way. Web design is a section showing a complete definition of this concept and describes each of the three more important features of a Web site. In How does a Web site benefit my company?, the three essential business-advertising functions of the Web design work object are explained. Typography and colors deal with these two technical matters you will probably need to decide on. Finally, in Creating a Web site we show you each of the parts composing it for you get a full idea of each of them and get familiar with terminology.

We warmly welcome you and we hope this is as helpful as possible. We want to sincerely thank you for choosing us to give you a hand in this new enterprise. We invite you to go over this thorough company-applied Web design site we thought for you.

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