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Access design hosting internet webHere, we will see some matters referred to two design elements that are usually subject to the customer’s choice: typography and colors. We will see that there are some guidelines you will need to follow when choosing these things. Let’s see what it is about.

Typography verbal message: it is the message conveyed through words written with a certain font type. This is a denotative information transmission method since they have a steady meaning. The word “house” is always “house”. It is not a complex matter; we have just included it to contrast with the following one.

Non-verbal typography message: it is the one conveyed through the font type used. That is to say, it is a parallel message to the one conveyed through words; it is a connotative message. What we want to say is that the font type used by a text also conveys meaning. For instance, if you write a court letter using a funny typography, the recipient will not understand whether it is a joke or a legitimately legal letter. This happens because typography itself also conveys meaning and this must be adjusted to your company Web site textual content. The message will otherwise be confusing and counterproductive.

Font type: typography is divided into serif and sans serif. The first one is the one having serif, cutting the letters and giving them finish. The use of serifs was introduced at a time when fonts had to be created for printed matrix and there was not the necessary technology to get a good definition. Then, cutting the letters with a stick was chosen, so that they at least have a neat finish. Sans serif is the most current typography. Times New Roman is an example of the first one and Arial, example of the second one. Serif typography uses graphic medium to print long texts since serifs has proved to help reading, avoid vision tiredness and reader’s distraction. It is not the same case for Internet. As monitors can not define serifs so clearly on a long text, there is a sort of fog created with this font type, hindering reading.

RGB and CMYK colors: monitors can reproduce RGB palette colors (red, green and blue) while printers can reproduce CMYK color palette. The first one is wider than the second one and that means that the first one has more colors than the other one. Then, what happens when you want to print a color not existing on CMYK? This happens all the time. The RGB color is converted into CMYK. The designer converts colors so that the RGB color he has finds the more similar CMYK color so as to be printed. In this process, printed colors are transformed and they are no the same you see on your computer screen. However, the difference is usually very slight and even big corporations undergo it because there is no other way yet.

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